Rules of the Award

Rules 1 – 7: EXCLUSIONS from participating in the Award

  1. PAs who work for companies or organisations that sponsor the award.
  2. PAs who are currently office bearers or members of PAFSA teams/committees.
  3. PAs who have been in a judging/assessment panel for PAFSA in the three years preceding the current year.
  4. PAs who have been elected as a titleholder of the PA of the Year Award previously.
  5. PAs who hold office in another PA Association or a constituted public group associated with the PA profession.
  6. PAs who in the current year hold an Award title bestowed by another PA Association or officially constituted public group associated with the PA profession.
  7. PAs who have been finalists in the last three years in PAFSA's PA of the Year Award.

Rules 8 – 9: Nominations/The NOMINEES

  1. All candidates for the PA of the Year®Award have to be nominated by another person.
  2. Successful nominations result in the NOMINEES being contacted by PAFSA and have to accept or decline, in writing, whether they wish to participate in a selection process.

Rules 10 – 12: Entry Forms/The ENTRANTS

  1. On accepting to participate in the Award, the nominees become known as ENTRANTS in the award and receive information regarding the participation requirements.
  2. All documents and required answers to questionnaires have to be submitted by the specified deadline.
  3. Documents will not be returned.

Rules 13 –17: The FINALISTS

  1. The Judging Panel’s decision of the FINALISTS is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. The 6 Finalists are required by the judging panel to undergo another round of judging which includes a mini-presentation on video for PAFSA’s Facebook.
  3. Finalists have to submit a career resume and a hi-res quality head and shoulder colour photograph.
  4. No finalist may be nominated or re-entered for a period of 3 years.
  5. The prizes for finalists are not transferable.

Rules 18 – 22: The elected TITLEHOLDER

  1. The Judging Panel’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. The elected PA of the Year, is the TITLEHOLDER for 2020 and will be announced on Wed 2nd September 2020 during an online virtual event organised by PAFSA.
  3. The elected PA of the Year, as a new role model, is expected to undertake some public speaking engagements as requested by the marketplace.
  4. The prizes for the titleholder are not transferable.
  5. The title is for life. A titleholder cannot be nominated again.




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