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PAFSA is your profession's home. We are here to serve your profession's best interests and to ensure that you are kept updated, motivated and informed.

Your status as a professional will be enhanced the minute you are a member of an association such as PAFSA.

We are in the 21st century! The world has changed drastically... your profession just as much.

  • You need a professional home that communicates with you through various platforms.
    PAFSA does!
  • You need  an association that respects you as a professional.
    PAFSA does!
  • You need to be a member of a professional representative body that understands your profession.
    PAFSA does!


Strategy & Rhapsody Committee

Strat and Rhap committee 2021 copy

Top Row: Alice van der Westhuizen, Ashreen Manilal, Tanya de Ponte, Mastoora Ramiah
Bottom Row: Memory Mugova, Ragni Chethram,
Sonia Salgado,


PAOTY Tribe 2020

2020 PAOTY Tribe

PA of the Year 2020: Julie Ivason

Top Row: Charlene Cannell, Janine Bester
Joani November
Bottom Row: Jonell Fourie, Simone Langman


AOE M7s Committee

M7 Group pic 2021

Chairperson: Feroza Sader

Top Row: Hannah Kirkwood, Sonja Bohlander,
Marlene Strydom
Bottom Row: Tracy Dardis, Jacqui Brodie,
Lize Momberg


Royal Club


Top Row: Julie Ivason (PAOTY 2020), Shirwyn Weber (PAOTY 2019), Sharon Künnemann (PAOTY 2018), Heidi Stiger (PAOTY 2017), Carine Daniels (PAOTY 2016)

Bottom Row: Chelene Venter (PAOTY 2015), Lizzie Mudzinga (PAOTY 2014), Lynn Kruger (PAOTY 2009), Ansunette Fick (PAOTY 2008)

Whattsapp'enning Committee

Whatsappening Group pic 2021

Top Row: Rachel Hugo, Sam Naidoo,
Trudy Perumal, Charon Stander
Bottom Row: Sonja Nel, Buli Mzileni,
Michelle Poggenpoel


Hospitality Committee

hospitality committee 2021

Top Row: Yolande Otto, Helena Lauder,
Charmain Fourie
Bottom Row: Colleen Mansoor, Natalia Nicolaides, Mamosa Msuku

anamaria pic 1

Ana-Maria Valente



Head of strategy and content

Boty upfront to print-3

Ornella Trinco



Head of admin and operations

Rene Potgieter

Rene Potgieter


PA of the Year Judging Committee

Rene has contributed to the enhancement of the secretarial profession spanning a period of 30 years.

yolande 1

Yolande Otto

Social Club Partner

CEO Mjunxtion Venue Marketing

Venue liaison and edu-tainment

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